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 What's most important is the success that robb's agency students are having...
 Watch this quick demo from wilco showing how easy it is to set up and use Connect automate:

 Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the questions I've been getting...hope they help clarify the opportunity for you:

Q: What is ConnectAutomate?

ConnectAutomate is a brand-new tool that’s being launched THIS week (hence the early bird deal). It helps you identify ‘winning’ ads, and eliminates losers so you only put $ behind likely winners.

This approach is the foundation of our Facebook advertising strategy, and ConnectAutomate puts the entire strategy on autopilot.

Q: How does ConnectAutomate work exactly?

ConnectAutomate will keep an eye on your Facebook page 24/7. Based on pre-created rules (that you control), it’ll automatically detect if any of your Facebook Posts gets a LOT of engagement...

… and then automatically turn that into an optimized Facebook Ad, meaning you only ever put $ behind messages that are PROVEN to resonate with your audience.

Q: Why do I need ConnectAutomate?

The short answer is that ConnectAutomate will save you time and money, AND make sure that you are consistently using Facebook ads to keep the attention of your audience!

Q: Is it easy to use?

Definitely! It took me 5 minutes to learn how to set it up.

Q: Is this tool approved by Facebook?

Yes, all Connectio products are 100% approved by Facebook.

Q: Is training included?

Yes, of course! You’ll get clear video instructions (not that you’d need it, but just in case).


They’ve created multiple in-depth pieces of training that are only available during this early bird invite. You’ll get those too!

Q: Is there a guarantee?

Of course there is! There is a 30-day refund guarantee.

Q: What’s does the early bird deal mean?

Because they’re launching ConnectAutomate to the public this week, there is a special early bird deal. This means that instead of the regular $47/month (= $564/year), you can get in for only $197/yr. That’s less than 54 cents per day! Plus, you’ll get various bonuses that they’ve created for this early bird deal.

Q: Can I use this as an Agency service?

YES! Connect Automate creates a huge opportunity to offer a low-priced, recurring revenue, automated service for small businesses. Watch the video above, and I will do a bonus training explaining how to create a service around this in detail.

 my bonus:
I'll provide two bonuses when you invest in ConnectAutomate through me:

1: My 'Prime the Pump Strategy' Training ($297 Value)

This is my strategy for getting the highest engagement, lowest costs, and greatest scalability from my Facebook Ad campaigns.

2: Live Training Covering How To Create An Agency Service Using ConnectAutomate

ConnectAutomate gives you the opportunity to create a very high-margin, recurring revenue Facebook Ads Management service for small businesses that you can offer at a very attractive price point because it will be almost completely automated. This is the BIG 'Facebook Ad Agency' opportunity...NOT in offering higher priced, custom Agency services!

How to Access Your Bonuses

Please email your receipt to help@digitalmarketinglab.io with the subject line 'ConnectAutomate Bonus'.

Take Advantage of this special offer!
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